Multi-Room Audio & Video

Connect All Your Devices into One System Creating The Perfect Home Entertainment System The Latest Speakers from the Leading Manufacturers Touch Screen Controllers and Wall Mounted Controllers

It’s great to be able to enjoy your favourite music and movies wherever you are in your home. 

For over a decade Entervision have been specialists in providing products and services to top end customers. Through our extensive experience with working with the most exclusive developments, we’ve adapted our services to meet customer’s ever demanding expectations of a modern & convenient living space. We’ve a range of solutions that offer different levels of control and performance; so no matter what you choose they have one thing in common – they are a all a real joy to use!  So depending on your budget or required functionality we can help with a system that you’re sure to use everyday.

See a working demo of the Wall-Mounted Controller

See a working demo of the Touch Screen Controller

Our Multi-Room facilities include full MP3 facilities (storing thousands of songs), Radio, TV & Surround Sound, accessible in EVERY room around the home. These facilities can also be incorporated with your own personal IPod, Lighting Controls, Curtains, and much more