Intruder Alarms

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Theft and vandalism continue to have a serious effect on businesses with just under 300,000 commercial properties burgled in 2008/9 (source: Home Office report July 2009). As well as the loss of goods, equipment and damage to property, these crimes often involve the loss of critical information and a costly disruption to your operations. The psychological impact of an intruder can affect the confidence of both your employees and customers.

EVIís intruder detection systems help to ensure that your people, property and assets are protected 24 hours a day from unwelcome intruders. Our systems provide a crucial deterrent to burglars and an assured response when it is required. They can be simple systems, or integrated with a serious of other security products such as CCTV & access control systems, all to suit your specific needs.

EVI use top rated field devices, discreet passive infra-red sensors and control units with series trip alarm activities and zones, which all minimize false alarms.

Systems can also be 'monitored' with the system connect via telephone line to BT Redcare or other various approved Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs).