Internal/External Dome Cameras with Day/Night Facility & Infra Red Lighting External Pan. Tilt & Zoom Cameras with extensive Functions External Body Cameras All PTZ Cameras come with a variety of fittings and telemetry controls A variety of Digital Recording Systems can be provided to meet any requirements All our systems can be set-up to be remote monitored at off-site locations Our fully trained engineers will ensure your CCTV system is installed correctly.

As a professional installation company, Entervision works with some of the industry’s most innovative manufacturers, to provide the best solution that meets your requirements and budget.

Frightening statistics from the UK Home Office in England & Wales 2006 show that :

467% more burglaries in London than the rest of the UK
224% more criminal damage in London than the rest of the UK
588% more robberies in London than the rest of the UK
1,574% more car thefts in London than the rest of the UK
78% of overall crime is property related.

At Entervision Intercom Ltd, we are helping our customers keep out of those statistics with a range of solutions, including CCTV Surveillance Systems that offer images of startlingly high resolution. Our systems not only deliver excellent pictures but real versatility: multifunctional, 360° rotating PTZ cameras, light-sensitive lenses and colour/mono switching for enhanced day/night recording.

Remote surveillance has brought an extra dimension to CCTV. Entervision can customise a CCTV system enabling you to monitor images via the internet from your home, laptop, control centre, or any location in the world.

Remote monitoring prides a number of advantages, and is a perfect solution for managed blocks without a 24HR Porter/Security Guard.