Access Control Systems

Mullion Internal Reader Vandal Resistant Reader Integrated Door Entry Panel and Colour Coded Key Fobs Coded Access and Card Swipe Systems Computer Based System

“For both burglary and vehicle-related crime, having security measures in place was strongly associated with lower levels of victimisation.” The Home Office “Crime in England and Wales” July 2005.

At Entervision Intercom Ltd, we design and install Access Control Systems designed to deter unauthorised people from even considering your property. This technology gives you the clearest picture on:

- When people arrive and who they are
- Where they’re permitted to go
- What time they leave

Entervision Access Control Systems control visitors and vehicles, and range from simple stand-alone digital keypads to fully-featured, multi-door, PC-based networks.

This can also include a suite of monitoring functions including alarms, visitor management, building control and the production of photo-ID swipe/prox cards.

Access control systems can be adapted to a number of applications, be it to restrict authority levels in an office building, to restrict opening times to visitors (e.g. membership clubs/trades people), to monitor time keeping of staff or for ease of use as a part of a residential security system.

We are finding that there is an increasing demand for Proximity Access Control Systems, in both the public & private residential sectors, and commercial offices. One simple keyfob cannot only be programmed/reprogrammed to operate a variety of different entrances, but can also be interfaced with gates, alarm systems and more. And, in an event that the keyfob is lost, it is simply deleted from the system, and a new fob issued, eleviating the need to replace the locks.